DNIS – Whisper Announce

DNIS – Whisper Announce
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Vital Telcom’s DNIS Whisper announce service

Use DNIS to identify your callers, our inbuilt DNIS Whisper Announce will guarantee to improve your service.

Is the opposite of CLI (calling line identity) which relies upon identification from the presentation of the caller’s number, while DNIS for higher service levels will 100% always identify the called number. DNIS Whisper announce – is the complimentary allin1number feature that we automatically add to our DNIS service, announcing each caller seconds before connection, ensuring your staff always know which line, or to whom they are answering.

DNIS Whisper announce can be used for

Marketing lead source tracking

which medium of advertising has produced the best results – improve your business metrics

  • allocate a unique Ddi for each marketing campaign or media type, allows your VIP calls to be answered personally, or marketing campaigns to be individually answered.
  • Customer response information akin that of Google dynamics, will allow for tracking of individual advertisement success.
  • In-built ‘call through tracking’ ensuring mass media providers are not adopting a click through model, similar to internet advertising. allin1number call tracking allows non-productive advertisement to be spotted fast.
  • Busineses using multiple Ddi number campaigns, have been proven to increase effective advertising penetration with up to 50% improvement.
DNIS Whisper Announce
DNIS Whisper AnnounceDNIS Whisper Announce

Bureau service

Multiple business residing in one Office? – provide a USP to your tenants from offering a receptionist service: all unanswered calls can be seamlessly passed to your multi-company receptionist. Use DNIS/Whsiper announce to answer in each companies name.

  • Compliment with our e-Receptionist: outsourced secretarial service to cover your holidays or sickness periods. We offer appointment booking, dedicated switchboard, or simply an overflow reception. See the our e-Receptionist link for more.

VIP customers

allocate Ddi’s to each of your most important clients – fast track answering, plus enable a more personal service for VIP’s.  Answer using their name or Company name. “Good morning Mr VIP, how can I assist you today?

ITFS numbers

Use DNIS with International Freephone Numbers, by allocating a number per product or even language.


This FREE yet valuable under used service will differentiate your business.  As an important allin1number customer DNIS/whisper announce ensures you can capitalise on providing higher service levels while improving overall customer satisfaction. Our DNIS/Whisper announce service also works on SmartPhones, see the following link to our Bria mobile app for more details.

If you have a more complex, or even a Call-Centre requirement please click the following link to review our allin1Contact-Centre features page.

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