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Hosted UC Solutions

Unified Communications Solutions.

Business Phone System solutions; Call Screening, Call Recording, e-Receptionist, Home-Working, Business Mobile Solutions, Mobile & SMS recording + much more

With allin1number we provide a wide range of customisable value added services, some of which are summarised below, for more detailed information simply mouse over pictures – then click on any that move! 

Unified Communications
Home Worker / Remote Worker

Home Worker / Remote Worker.

Two basic building block solutions to encompass every businesses home worker/remote worker requirement. For more information see Home Worker/Remote Worker

Call Screening .

Vital-guard (Call blocking db, add tens of thousands of numbers). Screen your calls against the constantly updated TPS register.
Prohibited numbers blocked, block non-CLI calls, first asks the caller to ring back without withholding their number. Protect your business against legal-action. Vitalguard is fully compliant and can be used with mobiles.

Call Screening

Call Recording .

Call Recording on both inbound and outbound telephony. based recording, Quality Legislation, Monitoring or for Training purposes. 28 Days free storage*, on-going archiving options. All solutions boast 24/7 access 365 days of the year via your easy to use web self-care portal.

In-built Telecommuncations Disaster Recovery .

allin1number provides Telecoms DR inclusivel, where as Telecoms DR was traditionally left behind, with a Cloud Telecoms solution we provide this as an added benefit of our hosted telephony solution allin1number. Guaranteed to provide true peace of mind from an all incompassing DR solution for Telecoms.

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Chatbots .

Enhance your SLA’s and Customer Service experience by integrating a Chatbots. Automate the simple Q&A’s your customers need, then run 24x7x365 with a Chatbot. Guaranteed to be not only affordable to all businesses, yet to also save you money.

Web & Management Statistics .

Access to a full and complex array of “Management Information Statistics” Call-centre reporting with infinite detail for advance analysis. Sophisticated individually customisable web-portal, so you can obtain the reports relevant to your business. Outbound call blocking & reporting.

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DNIS/Whisper announce .

Improve your levels of customer service while increasing marketing control. Dialled Number Identification Service with Whisper Announce ensures you can run multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously and always answer appropriately, or even operated a multi-tenancy business seamlessly.

Bria Stretto SoftPhone .

Make/receive calls from your Ddi, via your mobile phone. Bria Stretto is for PC’s & Mac’s + Android & IOS Smartphones & Tablets. Supports Messenger & Presence, HD Voice, HD Video, Screen sharing, on-boarding + much more. Seamless roaming between Wifi and your mobile network – calls remain live.Supporting allin1number features as – AdHoc Call Record, internal dial plans, unified messaging, allin1Conference, AoH, Call Queing with position etc. Supports mobile contacts, Messenger offers Buddies, Favourites & Rosta. Administrator access to allin1number moves and changes portal, manager access to MIS reports. Every user has access to allin1Conference meet me facility, plus our fault management/ticketing system and inbuilt user guides.

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e-Receptionist | outsourced secretary .

Our answer to MoneyPenny, your own e-receptionist at a cost effective rate. One person you know and trust to look after your business calls, as if based in your office.Flexible Value added services to cover overflow calls, or your fully outsourced switchboard operator, maybe your own PA. A Secretary, who will know everyone in your business and take messages accordingly.

allin1number Seats .

allin1number Cloud Telecoms, inclusive UK Calls, Cloud Storage & Microsoft Office 365 bundle. Building block solutions to encompass every businesses on a fixed cost per seat basis, always a hit with your finance team !

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UK Local VoIP numbers .

With our SoHo Local Social VoiP numbers, small customers can receive their business calls wherever they are. If you Running a Small Office Home Ofice (small UK business) and your targeting local business you will GREATLY benefit from a Local VoiP number, rather than using your mobile.

Web Conferencing Service.

allin1conference is free to set up and designed for business customers who demand a quality HD voice conference service, upgraded to SLL for your security. Vital account customers automatically pay 40% less for calls than Registered customers. Calls are shown as per normal on your regular post paid phone bill. Account customers are defined by using two or more post paid services from

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We offer a unique  lead intelligent next generation roaming networking Mobile service that seamlessly finds O2 or EE if Vodafone is not available and blends “fixed and mobile services” to work harmoniously within our  allin1number UC suite.

Call Routing.

The allin1number UC suite delivers a range of sophisticated Call Routing and Hunt Group delivery Options. To understand more about the options available with click on the picture to your right.

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Fax to email - email to Fax

Fax to email – email to Fax.

Throw away those antiquated Fax machines or simply STOP killing the rain forest by converting to a paper less system that allows your FAX’s to be converted to emails then sent and received straight from your PC’s and integrated immediately into your CRM.

If hosted UC Solutions are of interest, don’t forget to check out the allin1number youtube channel.

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