Universal International Freephone Number – UIFN

Create a LOCAL presence anywhere globally, via a Vital-Tel UIFN service

Universal International Freephone Numbers – UIFN numbers can be provided where there is a multiple country requirement, as your business can share the same number in multiple destinations. With numbers are available are in over fifty Countries throughout the world. With UIFN, you can be confident that your business is gaining from the benefits of a truly global presence, without the expensive running costs of an office, yet service delivery at extremely competitive rates. 

  • Easy to remember Toll Free numbers are simple to advertise with, one number is used in multiple Countries toll free numbers are proven to generate up to three times more business than conventional numbers.
  • Personalised welcome/pre-connect messages – or even divert Divert your numbers to Custom Message, time of day, day of the week dependant.
  • Universal International Freephone Number Customers leverage advertising efforts by marketing Free Phone numbers across the World without the need for a physical presence or offices in each Country.  Dependant on origination, Vital will deliver your calls to the correct Contact-Centre/Department or Split that speaks the appropriate language, if all agents are busy the next best Department or Split.
  • Service is available as a single toll free number available from over 50 countries worldwide (email us for full list).
  • Vital Tel provide a web-Portal for our customers to view; real time UIFN call reporting, customised emergency routing, even a customer managed emergency messaging portal, Inbound CLI/ANI blocking.
  • Benefits of UIFN’s: if you have limited space on your packaging, then using one number across multiple Countries helps simplify advertising customer support or help lines and marketing numbers,  as importantly even assist with controlling printing costs.


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Please see our UIFN blog or visit our ITFS page for alternative information.



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