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How It Works allin1number

Simplified business communications - allin1number

How allin1number works: Receive all the features and benefits of a State-of-the-art business phone system with no obsolesence. Features include; Hosted PBX with Unified Messaging-Voicemail, e-Receptionist, FoC AdHoc Record, Web-Conferencing, Hosted Call Recording, Bria Stretto SmartPhone App / SoftPhone; HD Voice/Video, Presence and Messenger. Call Rejection, Hot-Desking, Whisper Announce, Tannoy broadcast, Door-entry system, Find-me-follow-me service, Call Screening, plus so much more. With a hosted PBX there is no requirement to purchase or maintain any expensive 'on site' hardware, also no annual maintenance costs. Unlike a traditional PBX allin1number our hosted communications suite never grows old ! Vital Telcom continually develop our software while our H/W is updated within our data centres at our cost.

Expand Business Reach

Create a national or even an international presence via our diverse range of readily available toll FREE inbound numbers.

Reduce Call Costs

No call charges between offices, seamless integration of multi site environments. Reduce overall telecoms costs by as much as 70%.

Never Miss A Call Again

Find-me follow-me technology: your Ddi number will follow you seamlessly wherever you decide to work from.

Advanced Features

Call Routing, Call Monitoring, Call Recording, Auto Attendant, e-Receptionist, mobile app: 4 digit dial your colleagues for FREE from your anywhere in the worldwide.

Inbuilt Disaster Recovery

Should a disaster strike, even if your business is left without an office, we can guarantee to deliver your business calls.

Improve Efficiency

Your customers can contact your key staff anytime, with follow-me numbers in conjunction with the Bria mobile app!

“Presented with many solutions, we opted for allin1Number, we can now connect our customers directly to our service partners and even record the communication!”
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