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Vital Telcom are a leading UK hosted PBX provider

As a Unified Communications and VoiP PBX provider

We are firm believers that efficient communications are the key to all successful businesses. With unrivaled passion & integration skills, we are confident to understand and assist your business. After auditing your current communications, we will define the most cost effective Hosted PBX solution to reduce your business cost of ownership, Vital Telcom’s allin1number cloud communications suite provides hosted PBX / business phone systems individually tailored around your Company. With allin1number you are guaranteed that your hosted PBX will NEVER again become obsolete.

Why are Vital Telcom different?

With rapturous enthusiasm we enjoy immersing ourselves into our customers businesses. We will supply your business with a no obligation FREE audit, only once we have a full understanding and as a result will we, custom design a telecoms solution that differentiates your business from your competitors. allin1number Hosted Pbx is so much more than a business phone system, our product offering is uniquely bespoke.  As a result of which, we can individually tailor features around specific client requirements. As opposed to our competitors, we actually own the allin1number intellectual property, consequently our bespoke delivery is expedient.

allin1number started life as a scaleable hosted phone system and grew into an all encompassing unified communications suite; delivering HD Voice, HD Video, Presence and Messenger, plus SMS on the back of the uniquely customisable state of the art; allin1number hosted PBX, add Cloud Storage, Microsoft 365 & IT Support.  Vital provide the tools to create efficiency and ensure your business communication is seamless. We provide 3 building blocks for allin1number covering SME business, Corporates and Contact-Centres, click on the blue boxes below”, for customer user numbers and see within, the blue text links to further product information.

Alternatively scroll down the page to see: compared costs of ownership, with typical cost saving examples.

allin1number SME

Entry level cloud based phone system 1 to 100 users – allin1number

We believe in Smart, yet Simple Communications

allin1number Corporate

High end building block for larger businesses 101 to 10,000 users, see our link allin1number Corporate for more information

We believe in Smart, yet Simple Communications

allin1number Contact-Centre

Vitals communications suite is a multi-platform for empowering customers and call centre managers alike, see – allin1Contact-Centre

We believe in Smart, yet Simple Communications

Providing fast, efficient support, while attending to every detail within acceptable timeframes.

allin1number  –  provides businesses with a state-of-the-art communications suite, simultaneously saving all our new clients money.


Although every office and situation is different.

For illustrative purposes, we took two typical business telecom situations and calculated a probable total cost of ownership comparison between a old style PBX and allin1number.
We stacked the odds against ourselves, assuming that there were no up front costs for the “old system” and we assumed there were no costs for ongoing maintenance or upgrades.

See below we don’t even factor in promotions !


Compare total cost of ownership

allin1number vs. a Traditional Phone System*


  1. A small office with 2 phone lines with basic features like Caller ID, a fax line, and average long distance calling.
  2. An SME with 60 employees, multiple 0800 number, 4 fax lines, international calling and heavy mobile usage while abroad.
  3. A large corporate with over 100 employees and multiple locations


  1. A small office: historic telecom services spend of £250 a month, ROI typically 6 months, anticipated saving £800.00 p/a
  2. An SME: with 60 staff, historic spend of £5,500 a month, ROI typically 4 months, anticipated saving £42,000.00 p/a
  3. For large corporates: each situation is unique, however savings are significant. Please call us for a consultation!


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