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Vital offer a FREE telecoms Audit for any UK business – enquire today!

If your still utilising an ‘on premises’ business phone system, whether thats a VoiP PBX or any other traditional ‘on premises’ hardware phone system, take up our no-obligation, free telecoms audit. Its time to consider the cloud and the benefits a hosted business phone system can offer your business.  allin1number hosted PBX requires no budget, as we offer a CAPEX free upgrade option. Let us assist with a ‘Free of charge, no obligation telecoms audit’ we will assess your business in depth, only after gaining a full understanding of your current procedures and modus operandi and requirements, will we provide options that may well surprise you. In parallel we will execute and complete a cost saving analysis, as we guarantee like-for-like savings from your existing ‘on premises hardware’.  With enthusiasm and expertise our technicians will execute and complete all of the above on a no obligation basis. Simultaneously demonstrating  how migrating to a cloud communications suite or hosted pbx service will save your business money. In addition, it will as importantly improve business efficiency, helping you improve your customer experience and ultimately customer satisfaction. allin1number provides our customers with access to features and services previously only available to large corporates with extremely deep pockets. We can confidently state Vital Telcom will provide your business with a real differential. While we appreciate telecoms overspend is not every businesses first thought, we can confirm our proven methodology will quickly and effectively reduce your telecom costs. Starting with cancelling any redundant services, the Vital-Tel audit process identifies all of an organisations telecommunications services, their associated contracts, costs and usage levels for a minimal time investment you will find the effort very much worth while, furthermore the cloud possibilities often surprise.  Is it not time you looked onto utilising smarter technology? FoC telecom audit Complete the form to the right; select ‘FoC Audit’ from the dropdown subject field.  We will be in contact ASAP to arrange to carry out, your no obligation telecommunications audit.  See our blog for more interesting information. free telecoms audit

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