e-Receptionist outsourced secretary

Your Virtual Receptionist to promptly & professionally answer calls during business hours

e-Receptionist outsourced secretary;  In response to client requests, we have designed, built then implemented a bespoke ‘virtual secretarial service’ to allin1numbers hosted communications portfolio. Your own e-Receptionist/virtual assistant, can run independently from all other allin1number products. e-Receptionist, operates as someone you know and trust to answer your calls as if they are residing within your e-Receptionist outsourced secretaryoffice.

    • Flexible service, answer calls normally, only if you are busy will e-Receptionist assist.
    • Use the e-Receptionist when your own receptionist is off, or leaves early.
    • Alternatively, outsource your PA’s basic duties to e-Receptionist.

Should your Ddi or main Office number ring while your busy or unavailable, calls are seamlessly passed to your dedicated eReceptionist outsourced secretary, your callers will NOT know your e-Receptionist is not based in your offices. Your e-Receptionist outsourced secretary will provide a helpful, knowledgeable service to impress your callers. Dependant upon your instructions thereafter the call can be handled just they way you desire, passed to a colleague if its sales related, or if its a non urgent matter, a message will be taken and sent on to you with all the details within an email. This way you will gain time and flexibility to handle the call appropriately when you have time.

outsourced secretary - allin1number

  • phone call management for your business 
  • multiple options to tailor our service:
  • diary management & appointment booking, dedicated switchboard, or simply an overflow reception.

e-Receptionist will ensure your Company image is maintained professionally, when your not available to take calls. The service is designed by vital to only be there when needed controlling your overhead and maintaining professionalism if you have staffing problems. The service is designed to ensure you never miss a business call or opportunity again.

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Virtual Receptionist - allin1number

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