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Web Conference Service
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Web conference facility – How it works

Web conferencing facility

allin1Conference is free to set up and designed for business customers who demand a quality HD web conference service, upgraded to SLL for your security. Vital account customers automatically pay 40% less for calls than Registered customers. Web Conference calls are shown as per normal on your regular post paid phone bill. Account customers are defined by using two or more post paid services from Vital-Tel.com

Making a web conference call – Account Customers

  • Simply enter your Company e-mail address and password.
  • Hereafter you will be redirected to a new screen, enter the time, date, plus participants name and email addresses, the rest is automated by allin1conference.
  • Our automated system will email your participants with your details, requesting a Conference-call:at a set time, date, and providing a PIN number, plus the allocated conference number to dial.
  • Each invitee will receive, automated reminders on the day of the organised conference call and again 10 minutes before the start time.
  • Your invitees dial in at the agreed time, and your conference begins, each participant announced as they enter the conference.

Making a Web Conference call – Registered users

  • You will need to generate a personal PIN number to hold a conference call.
  • Simply Contact your participants with your PIN number and the conference number number – 0844 321 6205, as well as the date and time of your call.
  • Everyone dials in at the agreed time and your conference begins.

Dial-in numbers

For UK users the alternate is to register and then use allin1conference without an account via an 0844 number charged at 5p per minute by your own phone company (ex VAT) from a UK landline. This cost is the cost of the phone call from a UK landline phone and includes the conference connection charge. This is all you will have to pay. Please note that calls from mobile phones may incur different charges. Please consult your mobile phone provider for details.

Introductory Video

Registered users:

  • Vital provides a HD voice conferencing service
  • A PIN to use the service is emailed to you directly
  • No contracts, fees or bills for un-registered usage

Extra benefits for allin1number account customers:

  • No internal staff participant costs
  • Request FREE calls for your customers
  • Automated set-up of service with reminders
  • Full engineering support
  • 20% discount on call costs

Web conference service

Web conferencing facilityInternational access Account Customers

Simply follow the instruction from your allin1conference automatic email, the number to dial and your PIN will be system generated and forwarded to you by email.

International access Registered Users

allin1conference has a range of international numbers that non-registered participants can use to access allin1conference. If you are a non-registered customer and have participants wishing to join your conference from the countries listed below, they would simply dial the number given, enter your PIN number and they are connected.

There is no charge to you when your conference participants use these numbers. They will pay a charge to their local telephone company, as shown in the table below.

Country Dial In Number Cost per Minute*
Austria +44 844 321 6205 Local provider charge
Belgium +44 844 321 6205 Local provider charge
France +44 844 321 6205 Local provider charge
Germany +44 844 321 6205 Local provider charge
Ireland +44 844 321 6205 Local provider charge
Italy +44 844 321 6205 Local provider charge
Switzerland +44 844 321 6205 Local provider charge
USA +44 844 321 6205 Local provider charge

* From Landline (GBP per Minute). These are approximate call costs only as some fixed line operators’ costs will vary. Please note that calls from mobile phones will incur different charges

If your participants require access from a country that is not listed above they can dial +44 207 048 8892. Please note that not all international network operators support the use of 0844 numbers. If you require guaranteed international access, it’s free to upgrade to a full service account. Please call us on 0207 048 8892 (Int +44 207 048 8892).

Web ConferenceUser Guide

Getting started Account Customers
As a registered user, simply enter your email in appropriate form/box above. This will link you to our web-portal, simply enter your pre-assigned password to gain access.

Hereafter enter the time, date and your invitees email addresses and the system will execute and complete the rest automatically. The option to record your web conference call is available, which if chosen, on completion of your call the recording will be forwarded to the initiator of the allin1confernce call.

All participants and the organiser will automatically be sent emails when the facility is setup, a reminder email is then automatically sent to all participants on the morning of the conference-call, one final email is sent 10 minutes before the conference is due to start.

All users need to simply follow the instructions on their emails to participate.

Getting started Registered User
First you will need to generate your personal PIN number. This is free and does not involve any obligation to use the service.

No payment details are required as this is a shared cost conferencing service, whereby each person on the conference call bears their own cost through the access number dialed. The call charge will appear on their telephone bill in the normal way.

Once generated your personal PIN number will be shown on screen and also emailed to you. Your PIN number is available to use as many times as you wish and there is no need to create a new PIN number for every conference you have.

Every subsequent time you access the allin1Conference / web conference site, you will see your PIN number on the “my PIN” page. If you are working on a public or shared computer we recommend you check the box “public or shared computer” at the bottom of the page to disable this function so other people are unable to use your PIN numbers.

You’re now ready to go.

Making a web conference call

The allin1conference service is always available to use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Simply contact your participants with your PIN number and UK dial in number – 0844 321 6205 together with the date and time of your call.

Remember you can use the “Create an Email” and “Create Calendar Invitation” features. See Additional features below.

Everyone dials in at the agreed time and your web conference begins.

When participants dial in they will be prompted to enter your PIN number followed by #. When anyone enters a conference, they are prompted to record their name. This will alert you to people entering or leaving your conference.

The call will start as soon as there are two people on the line.

Your web conference can accommodate up to 40 lines at any one time. If you require more than 40 lines on a call, please contact us in advance of your call and we can arrange this for you (there is no charge for this facility).

Dial-in numbers

UK users of the service dial 0844 321 6205 which is charged at 5p per minute ex VAT at anytime. This is the cost of the phone call from a UK landline phone and includes the conference connection charge. This is all you will have to pay. Please note that calls from mobile phones may incur different charges. Please consult your mobile phone provider for details.

Our web conference can be used from many countries overseas and we have a variety of international dial in numbers available.

allin1ConferenceAccount Customers – Vital Telcom Customers

allin1conference postpay is only available to Vitals business customers, however calls are 40% cheaper to account customers and charged within your regular bill

Call in for free from your mobile phone
Do you have a UK mobile phone with inclusive minutes to landlines? As we provide UK geographic access numbers for registered web conference users allowing you and your meeting participants to dial in calls from mobiles phones will usually be FREE within your inclusive minutes.

Call in for free from UK landlines
If you are an allin1number customer, there is no cost for any staff member participating in an allin1conference, web conference calls from their internal 4 digit extension dial plan are FREE from wherever they are, including customers using our Bria mobile app. We also offer toll free numbers allowing your customers zero cost conference calls from UK landlines & mobiles.

Call in for free from outside the UK
Yes, we also offer international toll free access which means that your meeting participants can join a call without paying a penny!

So, what are geographic and toll-free numbers? (click here)

What’s the catch?
Well, there is free and there is free! We do make a charge for the use of these numbers, but in most cases your overall call costs can be substantially reduced. The costs are as follows:

Call type cost
UK or International Geographic number 4 pence per minute per caller
UK Tollfree price upon application
International Tollfree price upon application

Who pays?
As the organiser of the call, you pay for each of your external participants only, free participation from internal extensions. We invoice you for the cost of the web conference call and provide you with a fully itemised call report, showing who dialled in, when, and for how long. There is a monthly service charge of £20.00 added per customer for the allin1conference service.

Worked example
A 20 minute call, with 5 external participants, all using a UK geographic access number.
20 minutes * 5 external participants * 4 pence = £4.00 + VAT

Mix and match
Okay, so it gets even better! You can actually mix and match which numbers you use on your call. So for example you can have callers using our standard 0844 number, and callers dialing in on the UK geographic number, and others callers joining via the toll free number. You only pay for calls on the Geographic and Toll free numbers. This is great if you wish to cover the cost for your employees, but wish your clients to pay their own way.

Want to find out more?
Please call us on 0207 048 8892 (Int +44 207 048 8892) to discuss your specific web conference requirements and to signup. We can usually activate your account within 10 minutes.

Your feedback
We’d love to hear about your experiences with Conference Calling or Conference Calling Please feel free to feedback your views on our service, how this has benefited your business and how we might improve things.