ITFS numbers

ITFS numbers
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International Toll Free Numbers

Boost your brand image globally with Vital-Telcom ITFS numbers

ITFS numbers provide a virtual presence for your business from over 150 Countries, with individual numbers for each Country. With International Toll Free Service numbers your business will offer ‘free to call’ access available from up to 150 Countries worldwide.  An ITFS freephone number is a proven method of drastically increasing business in any Country you require a virtual office.   Be confident that your business is gaining the benefits of a truly global presence, without the overhead of an operational presence in each territory you wish to market your business.  The Vital Telcom differential is a comprehensive portfolio of Intelligent Networking options, we offer a complete overlay of International Toll Free Service technology to replace or compliment your existing communications infrastructure.

International Toll Free Numbers
ITFS numbers

Vital Telcom can seamlessly automate call routing for ITFS with

  • Time of day/Day of the week
  • Country of origin (Route from over 150 Countries)
  • User specified actions, offered from a bespoke set of rules to custom tailor the service around the precise way your business wishes for calls to be handled.
  • Automated “Welcome to the business” greeting, with position in the queue, Advertisment on Hold messaging, skill based routing and much more.

Vital Telcom guarantee international toll free service numbers that provide

  • Superior HD call and speech quality.
  • Friendly support when needed.
  • Virtual presence in multiple countries – YOUR BUSINESS WILL NEVER MISS ANOTHER CALL with the allin1number missed call notification?
  • Group hunting across multiple sites, your staff can be part of the group yet work from different sites, either home or an office, even different Countries, yet as part of the same hunt Group and team.
  • Call Splaying, change the % of calls delivered across call centres in different countries with a simple slider

Vital Telcom ITFS numbers have over 50 value added services to differentiate your business

  • Real time ITFS reporting
  • Fax to Email & Forwarding
  • Voicemail to email and forwarding
  • Auto Operator, speech to text
  • Specialist reports on international demographics
  • US Compliance – State Wide ring fencing.
  • Language based routing, call promoter, speech recognition.
  • Percentage routing and weighting across multiple sites.
  • Curtesy response, Holiday routing, next available agent,
  • Alternative destination routing controls.

Full flexibility to custom tailor the service the way your business desires, we understand businesses want individual solutions, so thats what Vital Telcom provide.

Please complete the form to the right or visit our ITFS blog. Alternatively please see our UIFN page.   Talk to one of our specialists today on +44 207 048 8821.