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allin1Contact-Centre is our cloud communications suite for contact centres, which not only provides a comprehensive suite of features including: voice & video calling; HD Voice; security/encryption, ACD Working, sophisticated Call Recording and Management Information Statistics. Our Soft-Clients can also be deployed as a complete standalone GUI, or deployed across multiple site environments in combination with a whole range of applications. The iP PBX Soft-Client can even be locked into system tray, should there be a requirement for their agents to only interact with a single call centre application.


key features.

Standalone GUI * allin1number cloud communications suite Contact-Centre application can be deployed as a standalone GUI-based soft phone client, including Call-Centre features such as 3rd party call control and auto-answer.

System Tray Lock * the VoiP softphone application can be locked into your system tray, so that the Call Centre agent may only interact with the allin1number cloud communications suite Contact-Centre application; In this instance the call centre application runs in the foreground with the Soft-Client contained within the system tray, enabling incoming calls to be automatically answered.

Local & Remote Provisioning * local provisioning, recommended for smaller deployments, allows only the administrator to changes to the preferences settings, preventing Call Centre agents from making unauthorised changes to the application. For larger deployments, remote provisioning is recommended and is handled via our bulk provisioning server.

Silent login/Record * silent login provides the ability to automatically login to listen in silently, take over the call, or record the call for training and monitoring purposes.

Voice Quality Monitoring * for customers focused on best-in-class voice quality, our Call Centre application offers a centralised voice quality monitoring component as part of the solution, providing real time Mean Opinion Score (MOS) rating of the call quality for each call

Advanced routing * IVR reduces integration costs by allowing customers to choose the help they require. Native support for Speech recognition and text to speech in multiple languages.

Queing & distribution * a skills based; ACD module with multi-channel capabilities and support for automated call-back quickly matches requests in your queue to the best equips agents to handle the particular call.  Integrating the choices to communicate from; voice, chat, SMS, email, or even social media.  Let your customer choose how they interact with you while lowering your total cost of ownership.

Empowering your agent * intuitive & dynamic web-based tools can be added to provide your agents with the information on their screens when required. Computer Telephone Integration, offers screen popping to reduce call handling time and enhance your customers call experience. Boost overall agent performance by providing them with the ability to make faster and more informed decisions.

Advanced Management Information Statistics * by providing analytic and reporting tools and metrics you empower your agents and splits to make critical performance related decisions.  A complex and wide array of reporting tools with RT information via wlla-boards your business is equips to address any challenges immediately.

Third-Party Integration * custom tailor your installation to connect with a choice of popular CRM platforms, enabling agents to handle large-call volumes quickly & efficiently.

Outbound Calling * no revenue opportunity will pass by you again: sales collections, fund-raising, and customer outreach are enabled by outbound calling. The outbound dialer supports all types of dialing methods, including predictive, preview, and progressive. Intelligent call suppression complies with government regulations. And if inbound call volumes suddenly spike, your solution can optionally reassign outbound agents to inbound queues automatically.

Messenger 1:1 Chat & Group Messenger broadcasting, Chatbots (automated 24×7 communication with your customers)

DNIS routing – in conjunction with Automated Call Distribution for Contact-Centres,

call processing – offering menus in accordance with the dialed number.

call routing – comprised of routing callers to specific destinations (agent or self service options) based upon the number dialled.

skills based routing – calls are presented to available agents with the necessary skills set to service a call, based upon the number dialled

segregation of of specific transaction requests – a credit card Company may have an 0800 DNIS number for lost cards, which identifies the requirement and routes the call appropriately, rather than queuing with other less urgent requests.

With an allin1Contact-Centre UC suite solution we can label the inbound call – the DNIS is then displayed within your handset or upon your computer (if using a soft-phone), allowing every one in the ‘hunt group’ to know whos calling and to be able to answer appropriately.  Complimenting our DNIS service, to ensure your agents always answer by your VIP customers by name, whisper announce is added.  All recipients of inbound calls, hear the name of the caller announced in their earpiece of their handset/headset/mobile, just seconds before each call is connected.  For further call delivery / call routing options please use the following link: Call Delivery / Call Routing

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