Cloud – allin1number seats

Cloud – allin1number seats
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allin1number seats – combined telecoms & IT solution

allin1number seats is our all inclusive cloud telecoms solution for business incorporating; allin1number hosted PBX, iP bandwidth, Calls, SoftPhones, OneDrive, Microsoft Office 365 & ESET AV protection.

Unlike the traditional approach of installing an on premises physical PBX at each customer premises, allin1number is a hosted solution mirrored at various secure, high availability data centres. Vital Telcom delivers; HD Voice Video, messenger, calls, cloud telecoms and storage, MS Office 365 services, all over IP direct to your offices, with Bria Stretto SoftPhones apps on all your devices fully connecting your business.

Cloud telecoms

The cloud telecoms design of ‘allin1number seats’ is ideal for dynamic and growing organisations as it can be quickly altered to fit your moving/changing requirements. Use our Remote Worker / Homeworker service to include your part time staff and homeworkers. Receiving the full functionality of your office PBX from where ever you are, is a key benefit. Whether a member of a call-centre split, or a sales person answering their office direct line at home, allin1number seats has you covered. Allow for expansion from adding homeworkers to expand the office team, with 2 days in the Office one week and 1 day the next, ensuring your homeworkers are really part of the team. Create a healthy environment for multi-sited organisations and gain from significant cost-saving via expanding beyond the confines of your Office Space. In addition allin1number seats is a proven method to ensure homeworkers/remote workers have increased operational efficiency, and remain in their roles much longer, especially important for all contact centres. With full DR Resilience and business continuity our distributed carrier-grade IP telephony (VoIP) platform ensures if a component fails a backup takes over without impact to our customers.


  • allin1number Seats
    No upgrade or maintenance charges, pay per user for a monthly licence fee that includes allin1number Cloud PBX, UK Calls, Cloud Storage Space and Microsoft Office 365.
  • No ISDN line rental charges
    Eliminate the costs of ISDN or ALoG line rentals.

    Bria Stretto allin1number

    For more info on the Bria Stretto App click the above image

  • Scales on demand
    Our hosted VoIP solution can quickly scale up or down to meet your business needs.
  • Mobile and home-workers options in-built
    Office, mobile or home based staff supported. Work anywhere with allin1number home worker/remote worker.
  • Improve your business continuity
    In the event of a site outage calls are instantly rerouted to your mobile app, complete inbuilt DR.
  • allin1number Seats; inclusive calls
    For the same fixed monthly cost, Vital include 2000 minutes of UK national calls plus 2000 UK Mobile minutes.
  • Fast-installation
    No support bills
    No annual maintenance charges, maintenance costs expunged forever.
  • 24×7-support
    allin1number portal available 24/7/365, allows our customers to add to, move and change telephony settings. Alternatively we will take care of your moves and changes requirements for you!
  • Cost Savings
    The traditional Office Phone System purchase involves expensive on-premesis proprietary infrastructure: The ubiquitous ‘tin box’ telephone system bolted onto the wall which – following sometimes considerable upfront expense – comes with a nasty catch in the hidden expenditure of upgrade, maintenance and running costs and totally proprietary components.

A managed cloud telecoms service is different in many aspects; There are no upgrade or maintenance charges. It’s a straightforward monthly licence fee on a per user basis. A simple pay-as-you-go model which can be installed and run for less than your existing on-premisis equipment, bearing in mind there’s no ISDN line rental charges, or annual maintenance costs or even upgrade charges, just a significantly reduced predictable monthly charge.


  • Enterprise-grade hosted IP telephony phone system
  • Eliminate the cost for ISDN or ALoG line rentals
  • Full Disaster Recovery in-built
  • Full integration of mobile and home-workers
  • Call recording options with zero Capex
  • Unified Communications SoftPhones with Presence & Messenger, plus screen sharing and on-boarding inbuilt
  • Central administration portal for customer moves and changes
  • Inclusive UK minutes 2000 x Landline + 2000 UK Mobile
  • Bria Stretto SoftPhones (no CAPEX required).
  • 99.99% availability SLA and 24/7 technical support
  • Office 365 and OneDrive storage + ESET AV.

Starting at an unbelievably low price per seat, call us today for your quotation; 0207 048 8821

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