Cloud iP PBX Features.

Advantages of a hosted PBX- phone system.

Major cost savings from eliminating hardware acquisition.

Further large savings from eliminating annual maintenance.

No ISDN or ALoG rental or installation costs.

All company locations onto one single communications platform.

Contact-Centres with Predictive Dialer agents can merge with all Offices for full sharing & collaboration cost efficiency.

A Hosted PBX may scale up rapidly to capture new opportunities, or accommodate new staff.

Reduce management time: moves, changes & reporting are cloud based.

Rich set of communication & collaboration features across the business.

Consolidate and communicate across Handsets, tablets, PC’ SoftPhones or Mobiles.

Security and flexibility – scale up or down as required.

Achieve business continuity, even under adverse conditions.

Support mobile and remote workers wherever they work, on one system.

No obsolescence – we keep developing and adding to the inclusive feature set

allin1Mobile SIMS connected to your allin1number phone system.

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Cloud iP PBX Features