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Call screening gives you complete control.

Call Screening saves time & money, preventing nuisance calls, with our innovative range of options

Full control over who can reach you by phone; Accept, decline, or block specific numbers and send others directly to voicemail. Your work days are busy enough without having to deal with nuisance or untimely callers. Vital-Tel provide a customisable call screening service, empowering users to stop unwanted calls. When a call arrives, caller ID details appear on your phone’s display, informing you who is on the line. Rules are applied simplifying the choice to pick up the call, decline it, or send it directly to voicemail. If you have people you never want to talk to, you can prevent their calls from ever connecting with you. Call blocking is an effective screening option for stopping unwanted calls. Do you receive unwanted marketing Calls to your Direct line or main number, with Allin1number we have solved the issue with Call Screening.  allin1number Call Screening protects our customers from callers that hide their phone number, or telemarketers you wish to block.

  • Caller ID rules determine how incoming calls connect or may be declined it and sent directly to voicemail, or even to a junk voicemail.
  • Configure your account to have your phone prompt callers announce their names before the call connects as an extra level of screening, so you know exactly who is on the line as well as which business they’re calling from, drastically reducing nuisance calls.
  • You can also configure your phone to announce which department or extension is calling so you can decide how to respond.
  • When there’s too much going on to immediately take a call from an important contact, you can still respond quickly with prepared text-to-speech messages or type a custom message to announce to your caller.

You remain in control with our “Blacklist” feature hundreds of thousands of numbers able to be blocked.  Customers have full control and flexibility so for instance; Callers who block their CLI will not be lost, simply sent to a JUNK voicemail announcement asking the caller to dial again without hiding their phone number.  You also have the choice to allow them to leave a message after explaining this is still a junk voicemail only listened to once a week.

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Call Screening
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