Call Routing

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Guaranteed to improve customer service

Call routing / Call delivery designed to provide our customers with choices. Starting from basic hunt groups to sophisticated ACD &  IVR options, combine all with our e-Receptionist; someone you know and trust to look after your calls exactly as if based in your office.

When a caller rings your business number, if you’re unavailable we will seamlessly pass your calls to our e-Receptionist service, where our operators will answer as if they actually worked with you.  With a PA’s confidence, helpfulness and knowledge that will impress your callers, they will know all your colleagues and either transfer your call or take a message and forward on to you, wherever you are.

Call Routing

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Call Routing / Forwarding

Call Routing/ Call Forwarding also means call delivery and as such we also offer from an array of hunt groups to deliver calls across your business; Collective, Sequential, Rotary or ACD for Call Centres.  A mixture of the aforementioned can be used for overflow groups, that may even include remote-workers / homeworkers.  In addition use our;  find me – follow me service, which is automatically set-up on all Ddi’s.

ACD is a very crucial component of a contact center or for large Companies and streamlines the communications process. Automatic Call Distribution as a feature is still reletively underused despite its proven benefits. Some of its capabilities include:

Please see our blog for further business benefits of sophisticated call routing; using ACD working: Why would my business benefit from ACD Working, we are not a call-centre.  Alternatively, make and receive your (direct line calls) on your smartphone ! Check out our Bria mobile app

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