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Flexible & cost effective VoiP PBX / Hosted PBX for all types and sizes of business

Why is a hosted business telecoms solution from the allin1number unified communications suite different? First of all, your business gains a state-of-the-art iP business phone system that never gets old. There will also never be any further need for on-site business phone systems, hardware or for a PBX Capex budget, also eliminating your business phone system annual maintenance costs.  A hosted business phone system also drastically reduces your Company call charges. Furthermore, all current line rentals or ISDN charges with a Cloud PBX will also be expunged. With an allin1number hosted Business Telecoms solution, our customers gain sophisticated business VoiP features and services, providing a clear differential from custom tailored functionality around individual businesses.  We offer technology that prior to the cloud was simply not available without an enterprise telecom budget; affordable HD Voice & Video, inbuilt Call Recording, e-Receptionist services, Unified messaging, Group Messaging & Presence, Whisper announce, DNIS, Chatbots, Advertisement on Hold and so much more. We even provide the upgrades to allin1number iP business Phone Systems without CAPEX requirements. Vital Telcom a complete Business Telecoms solution via the allin1number unified communications suite to guarantee our business customers significant savings, see our Free, no obligation Audit.

allin1number is about flexibility also reducing the cost of ownership, while we deliver an array of unique technology in conjunction with significant and immediate savings. To understand more about our business Telecoms offering, please click on the appropriate blue box below: allin1number SME, allin1number Corporate, or allin1Contact-Centre. In addition, please use the links within each box. allin1number is completely scaleable and your employees using cloud technology can be located anywhere in the world. Hence our secure communications network and suite of collaborating products can be implemented across all your sites, including homeworkers, occasional or full-time. As a result Vital Telcom provides customers with business telecoms solutions incorporating; consistent HD voice, HD Video, messaging & collaboration, even Chatbots and SMS experience. Increase your productivity and lower IT overheads by implementing an allin1number phone system.

Bandwidth & internet

Business Telecoms has changed the way we do business, with full reliance upon our bandwidth connectivity, especially relevant are our QoS routers, please click: Bandwidth to review our offerings.

ITFS & UIFN Telecoms products

ITFS & UIFN services are a key focus for Vital Telcom and a staple part of our Business Telecoms offering. We therefore provide a broad portfolio of International toll-free service numbers, differentiated with complex intelligent networking options. Noteworthy options as; time of day, weighting, routing between multiple sites, weighting, Interactive Voice Response, Unified Messaging, plus much more. In conclusion its our Valued Added Services that provide Vital Telcom with a complete advantage over our competitors. Please click either: ITFS or UIFN for further information, .

allin1number SME

Entry level cloud based Phone System for businesses from 1 to 100 users – see allin1number

We believe in Smart, yet Simple Communications

allin1number Corporate

High end building block for larger businesses 101 to 10,000 users, see our link allin1number Corporate for more information

We believe in Smart, yet Simple Communications


Vitals communications suite is a multi-platform for empowering customers and call centre managers alike, see – allin1Contact-Centre

We believe in Smart, yet Simple Communications


A Foundation for Growth, a Formula for Success: allin1number services are created using API’s, website plugin’s and software development to unify: telecoms, video, media marketing, mobile apps and much more.  Because all is integrated within the cloud, we can provide your business with an all encompassing communications suite.

business telecoms

Make & receive calls from your Ddi while at HOME via our DECT phone's, also at WORK with a SNoM handset, or ANYWHERE else via your Mobile.