Bandwidth Specialists

As an independent provider of business bandwidth, Vital offer;

Leased Lines 10Mbps – 10Gbps,

FTTC & Bonded Broadband options

Vital Telcom provides specialist bandwidth solutions to UK businesses. As an Independent bandwidth specialist we are impartial, so can guarantee the right solution as we work directly with multiple Tier 1 suppliers . All links are monitored, whether FTTC or Fibre links we ensure optimised service levels are always provided.

Leased Lines

        • Are dedicated so that unlike Broadband which is shared with up to 50 other users (contended), your wholesale bandwidth isn’t shared with ANY other users.
        • Also symmetrical, meaning you enjoy the same download and upload speed.  With broadband the focus is on the download speed, but where a business is seeing as much as 20mb download, they may be getting less than 1mb upload speed, causing congestion.  A symmetrical solution is essential if your business is looking to deploy cloud applications such as Office 364 or SalesForce, or if your business works with large files.
        • They are subject to an enhanced Service Level Agreement, with agreed credit where an SLA is breached compensation would be due.  Meaning your business is protected from extended downtime – a major concern for any business. Our leased lines are delivered with an ADSL backup for in-built redundancy.

Find Bandwidth confusing?

Don't let bandwidth 'bamboozle' you, we simply need to know how many people work in your office and your postcode. Provide us with this information and we will provide you with a Cost Effective quotation.


Pre-Ethernet (very latest point to multi-point technology)

From Vital Telcom bandwidth services is Pre-Ethernet, able to be offered across circa. 10,000 City of London Postcodes. Where-upon we can provide a 50mb x 50mb – line of site dependant point to multipoint bandwidth service. Designed to either proceed your fibre lease line installation, or even act as a redundant back up option for the same. Able to be installed in as little as 5 working-days, more typically ten following placement of your order. Its the ideal Pre-Ethernet solution for business requiring a fast start and may be leased for a minimum of just 3 months.

  • the service carries a 100% core network SLA.
  • Wireless Tail carries a 99.95% SLA.
  • RTT typically 10-25ms.
  • Jitter <1ms.
  • Un-contended.
  • No data usage limitations, totally unlimited.

Broadband FTTC

With FTTC bandwidth, not only does the customer need to be on an FTTC-enabled exchange, but also connected via an enabled OpenReach cabinet.  Not all exchanges have been (or will be) upgraded to FTTC though, and to complicate things further a ‘parent-child’ relationship exists between exchanges: a customer can be connected to one exchange for regular phone lines and ADSL, but its new FTTC cabinet can be served by different exchanges. If you have Directors or remote workers / home working staff talk to us for an array of sensibly priced options.

Bonded ADSL or Bonded FTTC for bandwidth Redundancy and DR

As a bonded bandwidth specialist we offer practical and affordable alternative to leased lines. If your business is embracing the cloud, it needs a new type of internet connection. One with bandwidth, Quality of Service and reliability that only a Bonded FTTC connection from Vital Telcom can give. Forget Ethernet and leased lines, with the most advanced connectivity software on the planet, the bonded overlay technology makes Bonded FTTC a true asset for your business.

Bonded is when we bond two or more ADSL or FTTC lines together, aggregating both the upload and the download into a single virtual connection offering much improved speed and resilience. Bonded FTTC lines can now deliver similar bandwidths to supposedly faster leased lines.  Even FTTP currently tops out at a 30Mbps upload – so if more bandwidth is required, Bonded FTTC will deliver it, as well as the added resilience that bonded broadband always provides.

Your colleagues should have full access to all the bandwidth of your lines, but not at the expense of VoIP and critical cloud systems. With QoS tailored for your cloud apps, any user will be able to download and upload without fear of interrupting voice calls or slowing down web applications. And when those systems aren’t in use, those big downloads and uploads will have free reign again.

Generic Ethernet Access – GEA

As a Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) bandwidth specialist we use FTTC and FTTP technologies to provide a non-contended path to the Internet. More than two thirds of the UK are able receive this technology. It’s comparatively low cost to install, speedy delivery times, and higher headlines speeds compared to EFM or FTTC broadband makes it a compelling option to consider if it’s available in your area.

Unlike fibre leased lines or EFM, it doesn’t benefit from symmetrical speeds for uploads and downloads. It comes in three variations with the ultimate speed being determined by the quality and length of your line in much the same way you would expect from traditional ADSL or FTTC. Where it differs itself is in the consistency of speed as it isn’t subject to contention. Much like with it’s EFM and leased line alternatives a service level agreement is in place to ensure you get the support you need around the clock with service credits available if targets aren’t met.

GEA Leased Lines are ideal when you:

  • Place emphasis on higher download speeds than upload
  • Operate in an FTTC or FTTP enabled area
  • Require a quick delivery time to install a leased line solution
  • Require an unmetered and unrestricted alternative to traditional broadband
  • Need the peace of mind a 5 hour SLA can provide
  • Require download speeds of upto 80Mbps and upload speeds of upto 20Mbps

High Grade Routers

Dependant upon your companies internet prerequisite we sell and support a full range of routers to suit every requirement. With a VoiP service your router is ever more critical to the stability of your business, which is why Vital only supply QoS based routers. We offer from a range of carefully selected dependable routers suitable for supporting HD Voice, so whatever your needs vital ensure you have the right product to support your business. Please contact us for more information.

At Vital-Telcom, we like to think of business as a partnership.

As a bandwidth specialist we present our customers with a host of advantages and will tailor the best fit bandwidth solution, which we can source from multiple partners.  Thus ensuring we supply your business with a Quality Internet connection at the price for all your requirements.  A perfect fit for your hosted business phone system.


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