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Call Delivery Vital provide our customers with the choices of how to handle inbound calls. Start from basic IVR, or our e-Receptionist. Where our call forwarding choices can be integrated with e-Receptionist: someone you know and trust to look after your calls exactly as if based in your office. When a caller rings your business number, if you’re unavailable or simply don’t want to answer the call yourself, that call will pass to your e-Receptionist.  With a PA’s confidence, helpfulness and knowledge that will impress your callers.  The caller is either transferred through to you (or a colleague) wherever you are, or a message is sent to you immediately as a text or email.

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Call Routing/ Call Forwarding also means call delivery and as such we also offer from an array of hunt groups to deliver calls across your business; Collective, Sequential, Rotary or ACD for Call Centres.  A mixture of the aforementioned can be used for overflow groups, that may even include remote-workers / homeworkers.  In addition use our;  find me – follow me service, which is automatically set-up on all Ddi’s.  

ACD is a very crucial component of a contact center or for large Companies and streamlines the communications process. Automatic Call Distribution as a feature is still reletively underused despite its proven benefits. Some of its capabilities include:

  • Skill-Based Routing : Incoming Calls can be routed to the specific agent or department based on pre-determined criteria. An agent/teleworker with the appropriate skill-set will be selected in priority order by allin1number, ensuring customer needs are properly addressed by the most qualified and available agent/teleworker.
  • Immediate Response to High-Value Callers: Callers who are identified as VIPs based on pre-determined info as DNIS, are immediately routed to the most appropriate agent or in case when all are busy, the caller is placed first in the queue for the appropriate split.
  • Integration with CTI Technology: ACD in combination with CTI integration and skill-based routing, ensures agents have as much information as possible, as calls are delivered; such as past communications history, customer records being opened etc. This is leads to efficient call handling and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Connect Multiple Locations: ACD routing can easily be utilised to evenly route calls to agents in different or remote locations as home workers. All the agents working in different geographies can function as one single team, with most least idle agent receiving the next call.
  • Call-Back Facility: ACD call-back allows callers to opt for a call back rather than waiting in a queue. As soon as an agent is available, the system will automatically initiate a call back (rule depenant).
  • Coaching of Agents through Call Monitoring: ACD working enables call center managers to utilise call monitoring, and whisper announce to interrupt training agents. Managers or supervisors can monitor and manage their agent coaching /training processes.

Please see our blog for further business benefits of using ACD working: Why would my business benefit from ACD Working, we are not a call-centre.  Alternatively, make and receive your (direct line calls) on your smartphone ! Check out our Bria mobile app

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