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allin1number Corporate is our fully loaded hosted phone system and unified communications suite for larger businesses with more complexed requirements. Designed to smooth over the wrinkles of switching between; phone systems, conferencing facilities, chat and multi media-marketing interfaces.

Furthermore, Vital-Telcom provide a single integrated iP PBX platform with the same personnel access for all your staff. Thats where-ever they sit down to work, New York, London or Paris.  This is much more than hot-desking across multiple sites, each user will have their own password allowing one single solution, covering all the ways your business communicates.

Therefore customers retain the same phone number across multiple devices, for seamless transition between voice-calls, chat, video-conferencing. Also consequently file/document collaboration, sharing, and multi-platform integration between all devices is now possible. Most noteworthily; your hosted PBX will accommodate; PC, desk phone, mobile and tablet are all empowered with voice, video and messaging.
allin1number Corporateallin1number Corporate - Cloud PBX

Proven scalable corporate grade communications suite – we believe in smart, yet simple communications


In addition the allin1number unified communications suite was designed to scale globally with your business, delivering secure communications without compromise.  Vital Telcom deliver the freedom and flexibility of business anywhere from our hosted VoiP service, with the integration of smartphones and tablets. allin1number Corporate allows businesses to breach the traditional boundaries of whats possible.  Designed for business of all sizes, yet typically from 10-10,000 users. Use the following link for the allin1number-précis, features, benefits & handsets: allin1number précis

allin1number Corporate is our unified communications suite providing all the choices your business needs to drive exceptional results.  Collaborate faster with your workforce, enhance both your employees productivity and your customers experience.

Our customers can four digit dial between any office location globally for FREE. Instant, clear, and more secure because calls remain on the platform.  At Vital we take the connectivity much further, allowing four digit secure internal connection on the Bria mobile app, as well as Call recording putting the power of the various hosted PBX features, in the palm of the users hand.

As a result our customers enjoy large savings across multi-site businesses from allin1number Corporate. Our iP PBX platform seamlessly combines: unified communications, team collaboration, contact centre and analytics. All within a single, open architecture providing real-time information over a hosted phone system that is truly enterprise grade. For further call delivery / call routing information please use the following link: Call Delivery / Call Routing

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