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Moving into a new Office?

Why pay for ISDN Rental?

Vitals’ “All in 1 Number” solution provides a viable alternative to the traditional purchase of an Office Phone System or (PBX). All that’s needed is an iP handset per user, however “All in 1 Number” provides advanced capabilities such as unified messaging, automatic call distribution, interactive voice response, audio conferencing and call monitoring and call recording.

Vital Tel customers benefit from seamless integration of multi-site environments under a single unified dial plan. With the power of the iPVO network your business can benefit from multi site national or even international presence via a diverse range of readily available incoming numbers, yet no call charges between offices.

With the ability to provide geographic subscriber numbers in most major UK cities, and low outgoing call rates, you can combine any number of Internet connections and IP telephones to create your global iP virtual office.

A Private Branch eXchange (PBX) is a telephone exchange that serves a particular business or office, as opposed to one that a common carrier or telephone company operates for many businesses or for the general public.

“All in 1 Number” is an alternative solution to your business purchasing a PBX

  • “All in 1 Number” is a Cloud based hosted telephony solution ideal for all Small or Medium size enterprises
  • Your business will receive all the features and benefits of an extremely advanced office PBX (plus many more peripherals as Voicemail and unified messaging) without the need to purchase this expensive hardware or incur ongoing maintenance costs
  • Vital Tel offers our “All in 1 Number” solution which is physically interconnected to Vital Tel’s N+1 Telephone Exchanges and therefore totally redundant. “All in 1 Number” provides your business with a complete disaster recovery solution for no extra cost. For example; if there was a fire and you could not access your offices, with Vital Tel we can have you fully operational elsewhere within an hour (subject to sufficient internet access).

Who is “All in 1 Number” aimed at?

If the features below match your enterprise requirements, then “All in 1 Number” is for your business:

  • All SME businesses, yet especially businesses with users that are geographically distributed across numerous sites or even internationally separated. Our solution works from anywhere there is internet access.

What type of internet access do you need to use Vital Tels “All in 1 Number” service:

  • A minimum of 8mb Broadband Internet Connection.
  • However Bonded Broadband is necessary for an Office of 8 plus people (offering complete redundancy and double the speed of an 8mg connection) a Managed Firewall service will be provided.
  • SDSL through to Gigabit Ethernet available dependant on the size of your organisation.



Key benefits to business customers of “All in 1 Number” include:

  • Removes the need for on-site PBX systems
  • Very simple and immediate moves, adds and changes via web self-care
  • Very Simple to manage all staff, “moves, addition & changes” whether you have a single office or multi-site environment via our web self-care portal
  • Users can be accessed on alternative phones e.g. mobile from a single number
  • Improves productivity through advanced features as; inbuilt voicemail, fax to email, fax from your PC and unified messaging
  • Features as Auto-Attendant, intelligent call distribution and specialised hunt groups, ensure your business never misses a call!


“Allin1Number” features include:

  • Auto attendant menu to enable callers to navigate to the right department.
  • Voicemail and automatic forwarding and integration with Mobiles
  • Unified messaging, calls can be forwarded to Mobile if Ddi unanswered. (one voicemail only, which can be listened to on PC, Desk phone or Mobile
  • Location-independent extension dialling for anywhere service access
  • Group calling and call pick-up to distribute calls across users
  • Multiple group and user call forwarding options to allow calls to follow users wherever they are.
  • Call hold and transfer so calls can be re-allocated with redialling
  • Individual voicemail boxes with forwarding to email.
  • Fax receipt and forwarding to email.
  • Individual or office number presentation so return calls are directed appropriately
  • Call barring to prevent inappropriate use of office phones
  • Caller screening so users can manage their time effectively

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Web self-care enables office administrators to set up and configure new users and groups and individual users to manage their own phones. This not only eliminates delays from the enterprise viewpoint but also minimises the operations overhead of office management for the service provider.

For more information contact us today on +44 (0) 207 048 8892 or click here to send us an email.

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